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Code: 0107

The quality, reliability and effectiveness of SmartRoof tiles are based on modern production processes, the choice of high-quality raw materials and rigorous quality control procedures. The high sealing capacity of SmartRoof is ensured by the special blend of modified asphalt plaster with APP polymer materials. Inside, SmartRoof is pre-assembled with pre-fabricated polyester of high dimensional stability and mechanical strength or vitreous, which gives dimensional stability.

  • As a top coat, a layer of basalt colored bitumen is used to protect the asphalt mixture from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The special processing of the chip at high temperature ensures the color change from heat, time and weather. 
  • As a lower coating, fine sand quartz sand is used for separating the asphalt tiles when packed. Properly designed additional welding points on the top and bottom of the SmartRoof increase the stability of the structure and its resistance to wind slipping.

  • They are lightweight for easy transport and placement.
  •  They do not break, they are very flexible and perfectly suitable for curved roofs.
  •  Ensure home traffic. 
  • Simple and fast application thanks to the special cuts (guides) they have on the upper end.

  • They are the only roofing tiles offering insulation at the same time. 
  • They provide complete protection against all weather conditions. 
  • They are resistant to the very low temperatures of mountain areas (They do not break from frost). 
  • They have durability for a lifetime, with consistent performance without maintenance. 
  • They do not allow the growth of microorganisms (They do not moisten). 
  • They are available in a variety of colors and designs. 
  • They are cheaper in construction.